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May. 10th, 2013 @ 12:12 am Ill
Another crackers, busy day that kicked off with my attempting a smoothie before work and again only making my way through half it, and feeling nauseous for the rest of the day. Work was crummy but I picked up some photos from my ATP trip which was cool.
After work I had practice with Band #3. New songs are sounding really nice, but I almost fainted standing up from the drums at one point.
Had a meal replacement drink when I got home, and then went to see the new Star trek movie with some chums.
I don't really know a lot about Star Trek and I Think I'd pushed myself to my limit for today anyhoo and was falling asleep all over the show.
I think I might call in sick tomorrow on account of how crummy I was feeling today.
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May. 3rd, 2013 @ 07:48 pm Jeff
Current Music: Slayer - World Painted Blood
So glad today's over! It was plagued by a mysterious and somewhat untimely tummy upset, which is still niggling in the background but subsided a little bit. So I haven't been eating today.
Pretty sure it won't dampen tomorrow's activities.
It was also marred by the fuckin' sad news that Jeff Hanneman from Slayer died today. That shit is sad as fuck and I actually stopped in in my tracks a bit. What a terrible loss to music in general and true fuckin' metal in particular.
Makes me wonder when Wilko Johnson is going to die. It must be due sometime soon. That guy was hugely influential on me: it's a weird thing but the Ian Dury & the Blockheads live at Hammersmith Odeon concert recently released on DVD as Hold On To Your Structure shaped my life. It was what made me want to play music, and then what made me want to flag guitar in favour of bass guitar.
And Wilko Johnson was a huge part of that show, even as a guest player
So yeah, I'm having an evening at home honouring Jeff's memory with some fuckin' Slayer.
I"ve also been playing synth and preparing for tomorrow. But that's all done and it's Slayer time:)
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May. 2nd, 2013 @ 07:10 am Technical
Practice yesterday was interesting. Firstly I really need to get a proper lead made up for my synth. Second, a separate amp might also be good . My bass amp has two channels so that should work.
Now to the nitty-gritty. The thing sounded awesome. You can hear how well it's gonna work once I"ve mastered it. But yesterday was plagued by the rookie problem of start out with a great sound and then start twiddling knobs and forget how to get back to the original sound you had.
So once I lost the sound and wasn't able to get back to it, the wheels kinda feel off.
Fun though. Real chest-hammering stuff.
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May. 1st, 2013 @ 09:32 am Lost
My post from yesterday appears to have disappeared.
Admittedly it was a pretty lame post so no biggie.
I do enjoy chatting with folk in the comments though so that was kinda annoying,
What's also kinda annoyuing is how unstable and buggy this updated LJ iOS app appears to be.
Every time I've tried to use it since updating, it's crashed on me.
The old one never used to crash.
Well it probably did, but definietely not every time I tried to use it.
Someone better kick Frank in the nuts til this gets fixed (does LJ still use Frank anymore?)
Today is gonna be much more eventful, first practice with the new synth, can't wait to hear aahow this beast sounds though a massive bass amp.
Pretty much what I'll be using it for in this band will be ridiculous, chest-crushing drones. Spent quite a bit of time lastnight twiddling knobs and plugging things into stuff to get it sounding suitable for today. The funny thing about these gdgets for those that don't know is that unlike modern keyboards, you can't save a setting, so it all needs to be left exactly how it was lastnight to sound the same.
I'm a fan of this stuff though, it's all part of the fun...

EDIT: After all that whinging, my missing post is back.
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Apr. 30th, 2013 @ 09:31 pm Slow Day
Work is boring me at the moment. I feel like I'm crawling through the days to get to whatever considerably more awesome activities I have lined up after work. Today was extensive time getting my synth playable for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is practice with Band #2, and the first practice outing for the MS20.
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Apr. 29th, 2013 @ 11:09 pm Synth

The big event of the day was the arrival of my new synth, doing a mad dash uptown to pick it up only to have to wait 7 hours to be able try it out! Sounds great, but quite a learning curve... Tomorrow night will e some intensive cramming before practice on Wednesday.
Tonight's practice was swell, with our gig and recording largely out of the way, we moved to a bunch of new song ideas that have been sitting in the corner. Two new songs sounding pretty good:)
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Apr. 27th, 2013 @ 08:48 am Problems

I'm lying in bed listening to possibly the heaviest rain I've heard all year and thinking of all the gear I have to move for today's practice. Not looking forward to this at all!
Atleast my lawn has gone from dead, brown dry to full, lush and green over the last few weeks:)
I just want to stay in bed reading, listening to music and tinkering on lj, but I do all no these on my phone which is telling that it has less than 10% battery life left;(
When it does, I will get up:(

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Apr. 26th, 2013 @ 09:01 pm All The Pop Culture You Need!
Accept I don't need any. I hate, hate, HATE how every time I log onto my front page, I get my intelligent insulted by bullshit from that community. I mean seriously, fuck that shit and the horse it came from.
It's even worse that for the new uninitiated, or folk like me that had kinda neglected their LJ, that this is all that they're really advertising when you come back. Useless, rubbish gossip posts about chumps that count for nothing when in my opinion, the LJ community would be much better served by front-paging the add-me-type communities where new and returning users can actually get in touch with other writers who are into this and committed to keeping it going.
Compared to how much I'm enjoying LJ now that I have so many new, vibrant LJs to read, I feel cheated by the fact that ONTD is all they offer, and that you have to go digging so hard to find other users.
The community search could be a lot better too.
Anyhoo, end rant (I fuckin' hate that ONTD shit), yay, it's the weekend!
I kicked it off with a meal with chums and a milkshake:)
Gonna be a weekend of music, yay:) Still no synth though. Apparently it's in the country (I'm getting one of the very first ones!), they reckon it'll be in my hands by early next week:)
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Apr. 26th, 2013 @ 04:22 pm Trick Of The Weekend
Having a day off in the middle of the week always messes with me, and if it's a Thursday it's even worse.
Today was fine until an hour ago and my brain has been in a sluggish mess ever since.
Watch your poor buddy el_hombre stumble ober writing out 'hypercholesterolaemia' for the third time in a row.
Only 40 minutes to go until the weekend though.
My Friday night? Looks like nothing at this stage though I have practices for Band #1 & Band #2.
Band #3? That's Monday, yup....
Beautiful weather today though, gorgeous, sunny day, and I had a successfull trip to that candy machine, so life ain't all bad:)
Supposedly my synth will be here on Monday:) Scheduling nightmare in terms of collecting it, but oh so worth it!
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Apr. 25th, 2013 @ 07:32 pm Bass stuff
My day? A bit of sitting on front of the tele, a bit of strolling around and hanging with chums at cafes, and a bit of tinkering in the band room.
In light of upcoming recording sessions out on the farm with Band #2, I've been doing a bit of tinkering with my sound today. Mainly with my tape echo and and my EHX bass mirosynth pedal.
The tape echo is a fickle beast, but over today it's been sounding better than it ever has which bodes well for recording.
Getting some pretty mean tones in general, looking forward to this shit.
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